Aug 21




We shoot Monthly on the 1st and 3rd Sunday at 6:00 pm!!!

See you September 7th & 21st!!!

Welcome New Shooters!!!

Welcome to One of Wichita's Funnest Competition Pistol Matches!!!

We are one of Nine organizations in Kansas. We are a group of enthusiastic pistol shooters dedicated to safety and improving our pistol skills through competition. We are a club that welcomes newcomers of all ages and skill levels. Youth shooters 12 yrs and up may participate after demonstrating safe firearm handling skills, while accompanied by a parent or guardian. The only equipment you will need is a pistol with a caliber of 9mm or larger, a strong side holster that covers the trigger, 3 magazines and a magazine carrier that will attach to your belt. Revolver shooters are also welcome. They will need a revolver with a caliber of 38 or larger, a strong side holster that covers the trigger, and at least 3 speed loaders or moon clips that attach to your belt. Lights and Lasers must be removed to shoot. All participants will need approximately 100 rounds of ammo. No expensive race guns are allowed, so there is no equipment race, this competition is based solely on the individuals ability.

We are dedicated to Safe Defensive Pistol Competitions on a level playing field.

Firearms are grouped into 5 categories, so only similar pistols shoot against each other. Competitors are also grouped into 5 skill levels, and are only competing against their own skill level.
These matches are always fun. You get to meet so many good people. There are several Certified Safety Officers at every Match.


One of our Junior Shooters with our friends from Venezuela, and Japan at the Badlands Regional in Oklahoma.

Roger Bahre
Match Director & SOI